Texts: Instructions

1.1 Search for an author: You can either search for a particular author by entering his name in the field "Search Author" or by clicking on the capital, alphabetically arranged letters. Moreover, you can also use the general sort functions.

1.2 Search for a title: Like the search for an author, the search for a title can be carried out by entering a specific title in the allotted field. How to sort and filter the search for a title, or respectively, the list of results, please see the description of the general sort functions

1.3 Search for C1/C2: C1 and C2 indicate the century, or respectively the period of time, in which a particular text was written. Select by scrolling through the list or with the help of the general sort functions

1.4 Search for text type: Find theological, political, legal and narrative texts by scrolling through the list or facilitate your search with the general sort functions.

1.5 Words and Edition: In these columns, you get information about the number of words and about the publisher of the text. Conduct your search as described above.