How to use the sort functions

The tables here resemble the MS Windows Explorer in their functionality, i.e. you have sort functions implemented in the head of each column. These are symbolized by a small triangle that appears on the right of each column.  Thus you can appropriate your search to your needs also for a title, a century, the text type, the word count and an edition.

The following functions allow you to rearrange your result list according to your needs:



"Sort Ascending":  results will be rearranged according to the alphabetical order.

"Sort Descending": results will be presented in inverted alphabetical order.

"Columns": you can rearrange your desktop by clicking on the various constituents: Columns with empty quadrangles are not depicted, whereas columns with marked quadrangles are depicted.

"Filter": allows filtering the results according to search words. The filter is abolished by removing the tick with a further click or by deleting your search word.




You have to undo the filtering before conducting a new search via the search fields above the table. Please click again on the buttom in front of "Filter".