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                    Please note that this website will no longer be maintained.

                    We invite you to visit our new website LTA Latin Text Archive

                    at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences.





This site offers linguistic tools for all historical and philological disciplines working with Latin texts. It provides a database of Latin texts 

and a morphological structured Latin Lexicon. All texts are lemmatized and ready for comparative analysis of word frequencies.


The Latin texts database - for a initial statistical approach towards texts. In the column "Function" on the left margin you can  

  • via  ("full text view" or "Lemmatization info view") read the complete text or see the state of lemmatization
  • via  ("general term list") compute a list of all words occurring in a text (or via  at the bottom of the table for more than one chosen text)
  • via  ("specific term list") compute a list of all words co-occurring in the same sentences as the searched word (or via  for more than one chosen text)
  • via  ("compare lists") compare result lists 
  • via  ("download") download all lists or TEI-Code(s) for further hermeneutical analysis or other use

The Frankfurt Latin Lexicon 

  • incorporates different spellings of a lemma subsumed under a normalized lemma (Superlemma).
  • offers morphological information for every Latin word form
  • provides traceability of every situation of use for all Latin word forms

No registration needed. If you register (for free), however, you get access to the advanced version of HSCM on the eHUDesk

offering many more options as well as the opportunity to analyse your own texts. Click here for the