The Frankfurt Latin Lexicon is a purely morphological lexicon for Medieval Latin. It contains

  • more than 116.000 lemmata with normalized spelling (the so-called "Super Lemma", e. g. ecclesia)
  • more than 133.000 lemmata preserving different spellings ("Lemma", e. g. eclesia or aeclesia)
  • more than 9.6 Million inflected forms under these lemmata ("Word forms", e. g. eclesiae or aeclesiam)

This structure allows to keep all different spellings in medieval texts. Even mistakes committed by medieval writers were preserved in order to make linguistic change on a lexicological level visible. Thus, the lexicon is steadily enhanced by the lemmatization of new texts for which it is itself the basis. In addition to information retrieved from the texts the lexicon comprises material from other digitized lexica as indicated behind each lemma.


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Please note:

The Frankfurt Latin Lexicon represents ongoing research. Users are asked to report spotted errors in order to improve the lexicon.

Please be aware that some challenges still need to be settled, e.g. the differentiation of proper and personal names within the lexicon.